New Tech That Allows Security To Stop Crimes In Your Business Before They Occur


If you run a business of just about any variety, chances are good that you're going to need protection in order to make sure that no harm comes to your person or your property. The problem is that a guard can only intervene in situations where they know that there's a problem. Here are some technologies that can make security guards more effective at getting to where they can prevent crime in your business.

Object Recognition Cameras

There are a number of automated camera systems now that are effective at detecting when crimes are taking place so that personnel such as bodyguards can intervene. An example of this includes cameras capable of object recognition.

Many businesses, such as grocery stores, use these cameras at all levels throughout the store to detect any attempted theft. For example, if someone tried to hide a candy bar under plastic bags in a cart, cameras placed at a low level could see underneath the bags and identify the object.

Security could then be notified. This technology would also work to identify threats such as guns or knives people try to conceal in business locations. Once a potential crime has been identified, security guards or bodyguards can be notified so that they can respond appropriately.

Mobile Apps for Guards

Of course, detecting a crime is only half the battle since the guard then needs to be notified quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there are a number of new apps available that help security personnel stay on top of any developments in their vicinity.

Some of these apps allow security to report what's happening with their patrol quickly and efficiently, for example. Others allow guards to tap into video camera feeds from central computer systems so that they can see exactly what objects the computers have identified for themselves, in addition to where the potential criminal with the object is currently located.

Some apps also allow security guards to see where other guards are due to GPS technology. This makes it easier for both management and guards on the ground to coordinate how to prevent potential criminals from either escaping or committing a crime in the first place, such as going after someone to launch an attack.

When it comes to crimes being committed in a business, seconds can matter after all. This is why having access on a smartphone can allow coordination and reaction to happen much more quickly.


16 April 2015

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