Important Features To Look For When Purchasing A Home Safe


Many people often prefer to keep their important documents, family heirlooms and other valuable items in a home safe instead of in a safe deposit box away from home. This is one of the best ways to protect you valuables from being damaged, lost or stolen and allows easier access to the stored items when necessary.  There are many different types and sizes of home safes on the market and each has different features.

22 October 2015

2 Trends In Home Safes That No Thief Can Crack Or Steal


Many people put little research behind the home safes they choose, and they then regret it when their home is broken into and the contents of the safe, or the entire safe itself, are missing. Keep in mind that while thieves are in a hurry to get in and out of your home during a burglary, most will spend a few extra minutes to crack a safe or get it out of the home, because they assume there are very valuable items inside.

22 June 2015

6 Ways To Keep Your Party Safe And Secure


Planning a party of any kind can mean trouble for you and the people attending if you don't take the time to take the safety and security of your guests into consideration. How can you plan a big party and ensure the safety of your guests? Limit the Guest-list You may be tempted to invite everyone and anyone that you know, but the more people that you have at the party, the more likely things are to get out of control.

18 June 2015

2 Things An Executive Protection Team Could Do For You


Oftentimes, high-powered executives find themselves in a pickle. You spent years to build your business, but that won't stop jealous strangers from haggling you about your wealth. Although you might not think twice before riding the subway or renting a car just like anyone else would, the fact of the matter is that acting like a normal civilian could put you in danger. Here are two things an executive protection team could do for you, and why they might be a worthwhile investment:

23 April 2015

New Tech That Allows Security To Stop Crimes In Your Business Before They Occur


If you run a business of just about any variety, chances are good that you're going to need protection in order to make sure that no harm comes to your person or your property. The problem is that a guard can only intervene in situations where they know that there's a problem. Here are some technologies that can make security guards more effective at getting to where they can prevent crime in your business.

16 April 2015