6 Ways To Keep Your Party Safe And Secure


Planning a party of any kind can mean trouble for you and the people attending if you don't take the time to take the safety and security of your guests into consideration. How can you plan a big party and ensure the safety of your guests?

Limit the Guest-list

You may be tempted to invite everyone and anyone that you know, but the more people that you have at the party, the more likely things are to get out of control. Try to limit your party to the guests that you really do know and trust.

Invitation Only

Creating one access point to the party and requiring the invitations be presented at the door will help keep those who weren't invited out. Of course, you should have a master list of those you invited so that the person at the door can look up any guests that claim that they have invitations but don't have it handy.

Set Times

Your party should start and end at a set time. Having a party with no ending time can make it difficult to get your guests to go home at the end of the night.

Safe Transportation

If you will be serving or permitting alcohol to be consumed at your party, be sure that you have arranged transportation for your guests. Talk with a local taxi service or bus service to learn what it would take to arrange rides for your guests that have been drinking at the party.

Note: You may be able to recruit a group of friends and/or family to help you with this aspect of the party. Having a few designated drivers is always the best way to ensure that your guests don't get into a crash after leaving your party.

Alert Neighbors and Police

Be sure that you let your neighbors and the local police department know that you are throwing a party. Provide your neighbors with a direct phone number in which they can use to contact you the night of the party. This way, they can contact you directly rather than calling the police for assistance with whatever issue they are having.

Some areas require that the police be alerted of parties. In such cases, you will have to register your party with the police department roughly two weeks prior to the date.

Hire Security

Having at least one trained security guard for the party is probably a good idea, especially if alcohol is being served. Knowing that there is someone trained to handle a guest that is out of control or a situation that you simply cannot handle on your own will make for a more peaceful and safe event.

These are just a few ways to keep your guests safe during your next big party. Your local security company will be able to provide you with further information about protecting your guests during an event of any size. To learn more, contact a company like S&S Security Services.


18 June 2015

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