Important Features To Look For When Purchasing A Home Safe


Many people often prefer to keep their important documents, family heirlooms and other valuable items in a home safe instead of in a safe deposit box away from home. This is one of the best ways to protect you valuables from being damaged, lost or stolen and allows easier access to the stored items when necessary. 

There are many different types and sizes of home safes on the market and each has different features. These are some of the features to look for that ensure your valuable items remain protected while stored in a home safe.

Fire Resistance 

Fire resistance is one of the top features of home safes. If a house fire were to occur, only a safe that is designed to be fire resistant can protect the items that are stored in it from being destroyed. 

Depending on the brand of the safe and the material it is made of, it can protect your valuables during fires that last from several minutes to several hours. These safes are normally tested for temperature ratings that range from 1550 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burglary Protection 

Burglary protection is another important thing to consider when buying a home safe. The material the safe is made of, the type of lock system it has and the total weight of the safe determines how secure it will be.

A safe that is made of solid steel will likely be more secure than one made of heavy plastic. It will also be more difficult to be burglarized if it has a combination lock system instead of a traditional key locking system. The heavier the safe is, the less likely it can be stolen as a whole from your home.

Water Resistance 

If you live in an area that is particularly prone to heavy rainfall or flooding, you may also want to purchase a home safe that is water resistant. Even if an unexpected water line breaks and allows water to get inside your home, your belongings could be ruined if not stored in a waterproof safe.

These safes are normally tested by being submerged into water to rate how well they can keep items inside from getting destroyed. There is often a special code on water resistant home safes that lets the buyer know if this feature is included.

By choosing a safe with the features you need most, you can have the peace of mind that your items will be protected. Home safes are normally made to last for many years so that your valuables can remain stored safely at home for as long as necessary. Speak to a local provider, such as A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC, to purchase your home safe. 


22 October 2015

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