4 Ways To Throw A Safe Company Party


A company party is a great way for your employees and their families to get to know each other and bond. Unfortunately, your party could be disrupted and your employees and their families could be put at risk. If you are planning a company party, here are some ways you can protect partygoers and avoid a lawsuit for injuries. 

Move the Party Off-Site

Holding a company party at your business sounds like a good way to save money, but doing so could leave your business open for legal action. If someone is injured on the premises, your business could be liable for their medical bills and any other expenses that are incurred. 

However, if you move the party off-site to another location, such as a local recreational center, you can shift the responsibility for injuries. If an injury does occur, the injured party could file a claim against the venue and not your business. 

Hire a Bartender

If you are planning to serve alcohol at the party, hire a bartender and restrict employees and their families from bringing in their own drinks. There are several good reasons for doing this, including you get to control the flow of alcohol. 

An experienced bartender has the ability to quickly assess a partygoer and determine if he or she should be cutoff. Once an inebriated guest is identified, you can take the step of sending him or her home with a designated driver or a taxi. 

Contract With a Security Firm

Unfortunately, it is not entirely uncommon for altercations to occur during a company party. There is also the possibility that property damage can occur. 

To protect the partygoers and the property, consider hiring security guards. Guards can help stop any incidents that happen and also be crucial in preventing them in the first place. Contact a local company, like Oversight Security or a similar location, to learn about more benefits.

Assign Responsibilities to Your Management Team

Your management team plays a major role in maintaining a safe and fun environment during a company party. Due to their positions in the company, other employees will look to them naturally. It is because of this, you need to discuss conduct with the management team before the event. 

Explain to the team that you are looking for them to share some of the responsibilities and behave in a manner that is fitting for the company.

Keeping partygoers safe is possible, but you have to take steps to implement safety measures long before the party starts.


19 April 2016

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