Ask Yourself Some Questions To Keep Patrons Safe And Secure At Your Event


Don't risk problems or commotions at your next trade show or event; hire security professionals to ensure you have a line of defense against potential conflicts, crime, or trespassers. The mere presence of security at an event can prevent situations that might escalate and that could impact the success of your event and the enjoyment of your patrons. Before hiring security, ask yourself the following questions:

Will there be valuables at your event? If you are hosting exhibitors or vendors with valuables or large amounts of money on hand, you will definitely want to ensure their safety at your event. Loss prevention staff can help reduce the risk of theft on-site, but armed guards can provide security warranted for high-profile events.

Where is the event being held? Another factor that comes into play is where the event is being held; is it an area that is known for crime? Also consider the proximity of parking and how safe your patrons' vehicles will be at your function. Security professionals outside your venue can deter theft and vandalism in areas that are susceptible to crime. 

What security protocols are in place? Take time to become familiar with your venue and be sure to ask what security measures are already in place. There may be some restrictions regarding hiring your own security, likely related to the venue's insurance coverage. Talk with venue staff to determine what areas could be vulnerable and that will need security in place.

Do you have the budget for security? There is a lot of certifications and licensing required for security guards to become armed, so know that this comes at a cost. Many former military or law enforcement veterans have the skills required to become armed guards; ask about the security team's experience when hiring. Be sure that you allow money in the budget for security, whether you plan on armed guards or simply a security doorman.  

Whether you simply need security at your event's door or if your function warrants armed guards, take time to assess your options and evaluate your budget. Err on the side of caution and ensure patrons are safe when attending your event, and provide attendees with security on the premise. Ask yourself these questions to determine the best approach for your event when it comes to security services, and which type of security coverage makes the most sense for your trade show.  For more information, talk to a professional like Security Unlimited.


31 August 2016

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