Ideal Self-Defense Products For Men To Carry For Their Security


When many people think about self-defense products that can be carried, they often think about those that women might favor. Objects that can easily be carried in a purse or used to quickly attack the assailant before making an escape, such as pepper spray, are things that many women carry when traveling in urban settings. However, it's important to remember that men, too, can often feel more secure when carrying a self-defense product. Although the tactics employed by men and women can differ, some men way wish to mount an attack against their assailant, subdue him, and wait for the authorities to arrive. With this goal in mind, here are some self-defense products that can be useful.

Monkey Fist

A monkey fist is a creative name given to a self-defense tool that consists of a steel ball covered in tightly wound layer of paracord attached to a short paracord handle. This lightweight device is ideal to carry for your protection. When you hold the handle and swing the ball hard at your attacker's head, face, or groin, it can deliver a devastating blow, allowing you to subdue the assailant until you can call the authorities and explain the situation.

Leather Slapper

A leather slapper has many synonyms, including a sap and a leather club, but each of these terms essentially describes the same self-defense item. This tool consists of a short handle and a leather pouch on the end that carries lead shot. It's ideal for men because it can easily be kept in a hip pocket and quickly removed upon being attacked. The weight at the end of this product makes it a devastating weapon for striking around the face or head. A well-placed shot to the temple of an assailant, for example, can knock the person out, allowing the man to hold the attacker until the police arrive.

Neck Knife

A neck knife is a short, stubby knife that slips into a holder and is worn on a lanyard around your neck. This self-defense product is ideal for a man who is wearing a T-shirt, as he can easily reach beneath the shirt and pull the knife. This tool is a good product if you're being violently attacked from behind or strangled, as you can still often access the knife and use it to slash or stab at the assailant behind you. Doing so should be able to inflict a wound that allows you to gain the upper hand and detain the attacker for the police.

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23 November 2016

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