4 Ways A Panic Button Alarm For Hospitality Staff Protects Your Brand


Are your hospitality staff complaining about constant harassment from guests? You should take immediate measures to protect them, which in turn protects your brand. Investing in panic alarm buttons is a good start. A panic button alarm for hospitality staff is a wearable device that enables real-time location when they press the alarm. It uses Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint the exact location of the wearer as they move on the premises. How does this device protect your brand? 

Legal Compliance 

More states and cities are making panic alarm buttons mandatory in hospitality facilities. Some of the states that have made installing these devices a legal requirement include: California, New Jersey, New York, and Florida. 

Even if you don't live in these states, the trend is clear. It will likely become law across most of the country soon. Installing a panic button system for hospitality now will avoid a last-minute rush. You will also attract hospitality staff who have worked in places where these devices are legal. 

Mark Your Brand as Trustworthy

Putting in place employee safety measures brings out your brand as caring and trustworthy. Guests will feel they are in good hands with a brand that prioritizes the safety and protection of its employees.

Providing a panic button alarm for hospitality staff is also a consideration for establishments looking for  5-star ratings. It also includes training staff on safety and security and providing devices that promote physical security for both staff and guests.

Avoid Legal Suits 

Employees who suffer harassment in your hospitality establishments can sue for physical and emotional injury. They may win compensation if they can prove your brand didn't have adequate measures to ensure their security.

Making it mandatory to wear a panic button alarm for hospitality staff shifts the burden to the employee. Besides the financial costs of a legal suit, you could end up damaging your public relations image. People are shy about associating with brands seen as mean and uncaring, especially to their employees. Investing in these devices can save you a lot of trouble later. 

Promote Brand Image as an Employer

A hospitality brand is only as good as the people working in it. To attract top talent, they must know the brand has their welfare as its top concern. An establishment that provides a panic button alarm for hospitality staff communicates to prospective employees it can be trusted to protect their welfare.  

Are you looking to protect your hospitality staff better in their work? Talk to a security systems installer about deploying a panic button system for hospitality staff


28 September 2021

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