Are You Worried You May Have A Warrant Or Get Called In For Questioning? Call A Bail Bonds Agent Today


If an incident has you worried that you may be brought into a police station for questioning, served with a warranty, or put in jail, you want to have a concrete way to get bailed out. This is something that can be set up in advance if you can act quickly, and if you don't want to be forced to sit in jail.

After you have taken up matters with an attorney about your potential charges, you will want to start working on a way to get your bail set if needed. Take the following steps to make a plan.

Find a Bail Bonds Agent

Set up a bond arrangement with a bail bonds agent in advance if you think that there is a probability that you are going to end up in jail. By calling in advance you may be able to compare the interest rates and bond downpayment amounts and percentages, and find out what provider you want to use for your bail bond.

Apply For the Bond and Have a Backup Co-Signer

Getting approved for bail bonds can be like getting approved for a loan or credit card. The bail bonds agent screens applicants to ensure they get paid, and to see if you are the type of person that will skip their court appearance and cause the entire bail amount to be owed.

If you don't have good credit, a job, money in savings, or any way to pay for the bail, it can be difficult to get approved. You may need to find someone that can co-sign or someone else that is willing to take the responsibility to bail you out.

Provide Your Lawyer or Family with the Info

Be sure that someone you know has already provided a bond agency with your financial information and set up the process for the bond in case you are picked up by the police unexpectedly and you are having a difficult time getting ahold of someone.

Your lawyer, family members, or someone close to you should know and have the information so there is no delay when it comes time to set your bond. The bonding agency is putting up the entire part of the bail and you are only paying a small percentage, so it's important that you don't miss any court dates or appearances. If you do, not only will you have a warrant, but the bonding agency will then be coming after you for the full amount of the bail.

Contact a local bail bond agency to learn more.


16 November 2021

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