Looking For A Security Guard? 3 Critical Qualities They Should Possess


If you own a business, you should invest in its security. For instance, you could install security cameras and a fence around the premises. However, this may not be all you need to do to keep your business safe and secure. It's also advisable to hire security guards to man or protect the premises. But it's good to know that security guards vary in expertise, training, exposure, experience, and other qualities. So it's important to consider the qualities of a security guard before hiring them. If you are looking for security guard services for your business premises, they should possess these three critical qualities.

They Should Prioritize Customer Service

A security guard who secures your business but doesn't relate well with your customers won't help you achieve your goals or help your business grow. Besides being honest and alert, a security guard should be a person who values customers. They should be good listeners to understand your customers' needs and be willing to help them whenever they need assistance. For instance, they should guide your customers to the parking lots, greet and welcome them, give them directions, and help them carry items to and from their cars. They should be trained to handle customers and address their needs in a professional manner. 

They Should Embrace Honesty

A security guard monitors the building and secures it from any crime. They also regulate access to the premises and deny any unauthorized person entry. Moreover, they interact with your customers and help them whenever they get stranded within the premises. For this reason, the security guard you hire must be honest because they will definitely know a lot about your business operations. A dishonest guard could be a liability because they may collude with dishonest employees or even burglars. However, an honest security guard will tell everything, including what happens in your absence. They will also be honest with your customers, which boosts your business image.

They Should Be Alert

Alertness is among the top qualities you should consider when hiring a security guard. If they are not alert, a lot could happen on your premises without their knowledge. A good guard should be familiar with the business environment and be alert. Actually, an alert guard will hardly miss something important or overlook something that could put everyone at risk or in problems. Alertness isn't all about noticing criminals; it generally involves being aware of anything happening in your business and responding quickly. So don't ignore alertness when hiring a security guard to secure your business.


11 May 2022

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