Secure Measures For Cash That Is Being Transported


Armored vehicles or cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles are equipped with bulletproof gas. Secure storage methods and trained drivers and riders aid with keeping money protected as it is transported from one place to another. 

Your Business Practices

A business that conducts numerous cash transactions is at high risk of being robbed. If an experienced shoplifter is aware that a business owner keeps cash on their premises, they may target this business during a future burglary attempt. One solid way to prevent financial loss is by removing cash from a business and having it deposited into a bank.

Reviewing your business practices will help you determine if using armored services is right for you. If you have dealt with theft in the past or if financial discrepancies have resulted in paperwork not being accurate, it may be time for you to seek outside help. Familiarize yourself with the services that an armored vehicle company may offer. 

The services may include insurance coverage, anti-theft vehicle features, trained guards, tamperproof storage, and GPS tracking.

Custom Services

An armored vehicle business may provide customers access to a GPS tracking device. An online app that a company uses may show a customer where an armored vehicle is in real-time. This type of service will bring peace of mind to a customer. A customer will be absolutely certain that their cash arrives at the destination they selected, at the time that they have requested.

A business owner may need cash picked up on a more frequent basis during some times of the year. If the cash amounts that a business takes in fluctuate, a business owner may be in need of custom armored vehicle services. A service provider may allow a customer to schedule cash pickups whenever it is convenient to the business owner. A company that provides an online customer portal will support the scheduling of cash pickups. This will reduce the chance of money accumulating within a business setting.

All of the employees who work for an armored vehicle business will have been required to pass a rigorous background check. Besides being trained to safely handle large sums of money, armored vehicle staff members will have trained to respond in emergency situations. A guard will remain vigilant while money is being transported and will be aware of their surroundings. If someone tries to steal cash from them, they will use security measures to ward off theft.

Contact a local cash delivery service to learn more. 


2 August 2022

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