2 Kinds Of Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire protection services are important in any building. The bigger the building, the more important they are because it will take more time to clear everyone out and make sure they are safe from the fire. In commercial buildings, there are several kinds of fire protection systems that can be put in place. One of them is a sprinkler system. If the sprinkler system senses a fire, it will turn on, pouring water down on the fire and either putting it out or controlling it enough to give everyone time to evacuate the building. There are different kinds of sprinkler systems that can be installed in commercial buildings.  

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

Wet pipe systems are the most common kind of sprinkler system in buildings. These systems have water running through the system, and when they are triggered, water comes out of the sprinkler heads and pours down on the fire. The pipes can be attached to a dedicated cistern so that there is always a water supply, but cisterns also have limited amounts of water. These systems are more likely to be plumbed into the building's water supply, so there will be unlimited water coming into the system as long as there is enough water in the municipal system. 

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

These sprinklers are generally found in buildings that aren't heated or in very cold climates. Instead of being filled with water, the pipes are connected to systems that are filled with gas or compressed air. The compressed air will come out under a lot of pressure, so instead of fanning the fire, the compressed air can help put it out. Other gasses like carbon dioxide or nitrogen can help to smother the fire, either by replacing the oxygen in the air and starving the fire or by being heavier than oxygen and pushing the air out of the way and smothering the fire. What kind of gas is in the system depends on the location and what the fire protection service company thinks will work best for that particular building and what may be in that building. 

It is important to have fire protection services in any building, whether it is something as simple as smoke alarms or full-on suppression systems. The bigger the building, the more fire protection systems need to be put in place so that there is plenty of time for everyone in the building to evacuate safely and get away from the fire. 

Contact a local commercial fire protection service to learn more. 


7 July 2023

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