Secure Measures For Cash That Is Being Transported


Armored vehicles or cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles are equipped with bulletproof gas. Secure storage methods and trained drivers and riders aid with keeping money protected as it is transported from one place to another.  Your Business Practices A business that conducts numerous cash transactions is at high risk of being robbed. If an experienced shoplifter is aware that a business owner keeps cash on their premises, they may target this business during a future burglary attempt.

2 August 2022

4 Instances When You Should Hire Unarmed Security Guard Services


Do you have a business? Are you worried about the safety of your employees and customers or merchandise? If so, you should consider hiring unarmed security guard services. There are many situations in which it is beneficial to have security guards on site. For instance, you may need professionals to control who accesses your commercial property or when hosting events. This blog post will discuss four instances when it is a good idea to hire unarmed security guards.

27 June 2022

Looking For A Security Guard? 3 Critical Qualities They Should Possess


If you own a business, you should invest in its security. For instance, you could install security cameras and a fence around the premises. However, this may not be all you need to do to keep your business safe and secure. It's also advisable to hire security guards to man or protect the premises. But it's good to know that security guards vary in expertise, training, exposure, experience, and other qualities.

11 May 2022

Does My Party Need Event Security Services?


Whether you're holding an intimate gathering at home with close family and friends or a major corporate event, it may be worth hiring security staff to assist you. Events can be occasions of great delight and celebration, but they can also attract unexpected accidents or even criminal behavior such as theft or assault. Event security guards can protect your guests and property and control crowds when need be. Here are more reasons why it's worth hiring event security services for your party:

10 March 2022

Organizing A Corporate Event Or Private Party? 3 Reasons To Hire Event Security Services


Are you organizing a music festival or concert, wedding, private event, sports event, or business conference? If yes, the security of your guests should be the first thing to consider. Actually, security should be your number one consideration when organizing an indoor or outdoor corporate event or private party. And since your colleagues, relatives, and friends can't perfectly meet all your security needs, ensure you hire competent event security services. Unfortunately, many people just focus more on the catering services, guests, venue, and parking lots, and they hardly consider the security and safety of your guests.

29 December 2021

Are You Worried You May Have A Warrant Or Get Called In For Questioning? Call A Bail Bonds Agent Today


If an incident has you worried that you may be brought into a police station for questioning, served with a warranty, or put in jail, you want to have a concrete way to get bailed out. This is something that can be set up in advance if you can act quickly, and if you don't want to be forced to sit in jail. After you have taken up matters with an attorney about your potential charges, you will want to start working on a way to get your bail set if needed.

16 November 2021

4 Ways A Panic Button Alarm For Hospitality Staff Protects Your Brand


Are your hospitality staff complaining about constant harassment from guests? You should take immediate measures to protect them, which in turn protects your brand. Investing in panic alarm buttons is a good start. A panic button alarm for hospitality staff is a wearable device that enables real-time location when they press the alarm. It uses Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint the exact location of the wearer as they move on the premises.

28 September 2021

Read On Security Guards


Security guards can be hired to protect many places or any person. They can be hired for a one-time event, or they can be hired on a permanent basis. There are also unarmed security guards and armed security guards. Learn about some of the reasons they are hired. This way, you will be in a good position to know right away when you have cause for hiring one or more security guards and some of the many different types of services you can expect from them.

30 July 2021

4 Common Types Of Security Guard Services You Might Need At Some Point


In an era where technology seems to be ruling the world and its applications widely used to reinstate security, there's a loophole that's still left uncovered. Security guard services fill the gaps left by technology. Security guard services help with live monitoring, prevent chaos, controlling crowds, and undertake security measures that need human interaction. Security systems and guards offer various benefits that you wouldn't want to miss out on. If you are interested in hiring security guard services, the following are some services you might need.

24 May 2021

3 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Armed Security Guards for Your Business


It goes without saying that having 24/7 protection for your business ensures that you, your employees, clients, and assets are always safe. It is not uncommon to have armed security guards guarding a business premise at all times, including regular patrols and bodyguards, especially for businesses that have a higher target for theft and other criminal activities.  As a business owner, hiring a protective team not only reduces the risk of theft of infrastructure in your premises but also boosts the reputation of your business.

25 February 2021